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    Business will never be "business as usual"

    Sustainability is a high priority topic for IGC and we know that it is also important for our customers. Nowadays no company can ignore the growing concerns about the ethical standards we need to maintain in everything we do and others do for us. IGC has its own Code of Conduct, using international standards as a reference. It serves as a contractual agreement with our suppliers and manufacturers for which we have thorough arrangements as to how to ensure the compliance. It is in your benefit not to duplicate efforts so we prefer to work with suppliers and manufacturers that understand the need for security, certainty and confidence that things are being manufactured and delivered as agreed.

    Combining local expertise and central organized efficiency's 

    IGC works with hundreds suppliers and manufacturers around the world. They supply the thousands of products that meet the highest standards and comply with a wide variety of rules and regulations. This is the expertise of our IGC partners and the benefit of a large network.

    We have the knowledge, our own Quality Control teams and work with independent institutes all to ensure that specifications and procedures agreed with suppliers are respected and that productions will be tested. We know that quality checks and control does not come for free but we take pride in doing this in the most cost effective ways.

    Manufacturers code of conduct

    We have processes in place to monitor compliance with our code of conduct on social and environmental responsibility as well as compliance with all laws and regulations. This matters to us and to you. With minimizing risks we include avoiding the negative impact on a companies’ reputation from products that do not meet the quality expectations or even are unsafe, harmful for the environment or are manufactured by children.