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  • IGC Global Promotions announces the establishment of IGC International


    Rotterdam, 20 April 2017

    Single service point for worldwide promotion

    IGC International central point of contact for multinationals

    Today IGC Global Promotions announces the establishment of IGC International, an agency in Rotterdam, which brings IGC Global Promotions’ worldwide knowledge of local markets together. IGC International makes it even easier for multinationals to distribute promotional products, business gifts and merchandise worldwide. At this one-stop-shop everything, from production to distribution is arranged. 

    IGC International was founded by IGC Global Promotions, a global contract partner for multinationals for the purchase of promotional products and business gifts. Over the past 60 years, the partnership has expanded to a collective of 52 partners in 46 countries, with a total of 1,800 employees and an annual turnover of 395 million euros. The initial focus was on sharing information about local markets. Since 2011, the partnership developed to include shared customers and suppliers. 

    IGC International facilitates closer cooperation and a more active approach to local markets. “Each country has its own import laws, product requirements and trade & marketing culture. By combining our worldwide knowledge on these issues, IGC International is able to better support our customers who are seeking to sell their products in different markets,” explains CEO Hans Poulis. “Moreover, IGC International manages everything for its customers, we are able to organise the entire process: purchase, creation, production and worldwide distribution.”

    IGC International gives high priority to corporate social responsibility. This not only means that IGC works with suppliers who deliver the highest quality products and are able to offer eco-friendly materials, it also creates transparency throughout the supply chain: all products are manufactured in a fair and sustainable process. The manufacturers working with IGC have extensive specialist knowledge and comply with all current legislation and regulations. The majority of the products that IGC delivers to customers are customized creations, products made to a brands’ specific requirements. IGC provides promotional material for organisations like L’Oréal, FrieslandCampina and  


    IGC International
    Telephone number: +31 10 750 33 50