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    Our Mexican IGC member Importaciones y Publicidad S.A. de C.V. (I&P) has been in business for more than 25 years. Their slogan ‘Your brand will be on everyone's mind’ tells us more about the goal of their products and services and their dedicated team that makes it all happen.

    The personality of I&P is formed by their people. Their team of 54 professionals are specialized in transforming ideas into objects. Products that achieve an emotional connection with the customer. The I&P team plans, designs and develops creative concepts and tailored promotions. They are also proud to have a skilled team of graphic and industrial designers on location.

    Their client portfolio includes brands like Google, Diageo, Nestlé, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Epson. View their I&P Kit for Success video (Spanish) here

    Role model
    The goal of I&P is to become a role model in the promotional market. A role model that inspires passion and commitment. They want to generate value to clients, shareholders and society and exceed their client's expectations. Their goal is to do their job according the highest ethical standards and their core values are: honesty, respect, loyalty, responsibility and trust.

    I&P is proud to be a reference in the promotional Mexican market for their wages and benefits and they aim to develop human capital. They are also at the top of their game when it comes to technology, which they use to benefit their client’s operation. They use the enterprise software SAP as their ERP (enterprise resource planning) to manage business operations and customer relations. They also love to develop web shops and to manage employee loyalty programs.

    Project Pink Boxes
    A project I&P are particularly proud of is their ‘Project Pink Boxes’. They developed a kit that includes a t-shirt which is a guide to detect breast cancer in early stages and a ball with a marble inside, to show women what to look for while they self-examine at home. This project was made for health care (pharmaceutical, diagnostics) company Roche and launched in the market through a company specialized in the distribution of lingerie products. It is an initiative that will help save lives.

    I&P and IGC Global Promotions N.V.
    I&P has been an IGC member since 2005. COO Jessica Olvera thinks IGC is a unique sharing platform ‘’It is great to be able to partner up with people who are as engaged with their clients as we are. Different cultures talking about the same subject is really enriching both on a professional as a personal level. 55 different points of view can come up with better and more creative ideas than one. We all work with global brands so it is important to know what works and doesn't work in other markets. The power of our organization is incredible. Together we are stronger!’’