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    INDE JSC has been an IGC member since 2014. The company was founded in 2001 in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. They opened a second office in 2002 in Ho Chi Minh City. Their first local customer was Ford Motor Company. Today, they serve global clients like Bayer, MSD, Microsoft, Siemens and Coca Cola.

    INDE’s team of 70 are specialized in supplying promotional items and corporate gifts. They are experienced in the export of garments to foreign partners. Their export markets include Canada, USA, Brazil, UK and Australia as well as South East Asia. Their team includes innovative design professionals who can give clients the support needed when it comes to the branding of products with artwork. The team leads the industry with award-winning decoration quality, workmanship and innovation. 

    INDE helps clients to make a grand impression, they create an experience that reinforces and enhances their client’s business objectives. They stand for superior quality, leading-edge design and real value. 

    Their best selling items are textiles like, polo shirts and t-shirts and backpacks. They offer a wide range of travel accessories in their catalogue. 

    INDE JSC’s goal is to be the leading company in Vietnam supplying promotional items and corporate gifts. INDE’s core values include experience, service and quality. When you work with them you will receive; unrivalled and reliable service, unbeatable prices and on-time delivery.

    INDE JSC and IGC Global Promotions
    General director of INDE JSC, Anna Le (Ms. Le Thanh Ngoc) first heard about IGC via a contact of hers from Indonesia who was already an IGC member. At that time IGC was looking for a member in Vietnam and Anna Le’s contact nominated INDE JSC as the perfect candidate. This proposal came at the right time for INDE JSC. It had previously experienced difficulties with the export of products abroad and saw the IGC network as a global solution. Shortly after her contact with IGC’s Indonesian member, Anna Le met with another Asian IGC member to discuss business during a breakfast meeting and was eager to join IGC afterwards:

    ''During this meeting I got a better understanding of what IGC stands for: An international network which brings a lot of advantages for its members…The opportunity to work with global customers…An international family, as members can share business information, knowledge, experiences…support one another when needed. All members are in the same business and serve joined customers. I remember I was very eager to join! Soon after signing with IGC, I sat at my computer to check my inbox and it was filled with mails from IGC members from all over the world, giving warm wishes, congratulating INDE JSC with our membership. It is a wonderful memory''

    IGC Success story: Thanks to the IGC APAC network INDE JSC is now one of two main distributors for Friesland Campina Vietnam.