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    Signature Promotions was formed in 1989 by its current Managing Director Bruce Judge. They are based in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand and have an office in China. Signature Promotions are New Zealand’s leading promotional products provider and proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and operated. 

    In its 26 years of business, the company has built an outstanding reputation as a professional promotional products branding agency that delivers services and innovative products of the highest quality. They specialize in the sourcing, manufacture, importation and supply of branded merchandise, uniforms, safety gear, promotional gifts and products.  
    Their staff comes from all the walks of life. The team motto is work hard, play hard, which means that there is never a dull moment at Signature. Over the years Signature Promotions has grown to a team of 23 fulltime employees in New Zealand with 8 members of staff in their China office. You can best describe their team as client-focused, results-driven, motivated and innovative.

    Signature’s client portfolio includes brands like: Xero, DB Breweries, Trade Me, Air New Zealand, Spark New Zealand, Cancer Society, Mitsubishi, BP, 2 Degrees and Toyota. 

    Mission, Vision & Core Values

    Their mission is to provide its customers with competitively priced, creative and innovative promotional products of high quality. As well as deliver brand guardianship at the highest level at all times. Their goals are all about providing the best in promotional products. 
    Their vision is to be acknowledged as New Zealand’s leading full service promotional branding agency with satisfied customers, safe and sustainable operations and sustained profitability BY:

    Always seeking to improve quality
    Motivating employees to innovate and develop to the benefit of their customers
    Understanding their customer’s needs and where possible, assisting them to achieve their business objectives
    Conducting their business with respect for the environment and the community 
    Responsibly managing the inherent risk of the business.

    Their core values describe the way they approach business and their relationships with each other and their partners. The following principles keep them focused on what really matters:

    Be experts in your field
    Deliver WOW through your craft
    Embrace brand guardianship
    Encourage initiative and innovation
    Empower creativity, pride, enthusiasm and passion 
    Play as a team - work with, not for each other
    Enjoy what you do and have fun!

    Success story

    In 2014 Telecom, a New Zealand-wide communications service provider (and a client of Signature Promotions since 2011) was rebranded to Spark to reposition itself for a digital future, aiming at a young, tech-savvy digital generation.  It was one of the largest rebranding exercises New Zealand has ever seen. Signature Promotions got the opportunity to build an exciting new merchandise range for Spark.
    This merchandise program needed to be attractive to a broad range of retailers, staff, and consumers, not only the new younger tech-savvy consumers but also the long-term loyal customers of Telecom. The re-branding was about far more than a name and color change. It was about bringing a completely new tone to how Spark communicates and what they offer their customers. The primary objective was to develop and produce a range of high-end, modern promotional merchandise to inform the market of Spark’s re-brand launch and beyond, delivered via a web-store. 

    Signature Promotions had to deliver a vast array of products which they had to successfully produce and supply in the 3 color-ways of the new branding (magenta, green and orange) to represent the meaning of ‘Spark' which is: life, potential, energy and creativity.

    The range comprised a diverse selection including: cooler bags, jackets, beach towels, business journals and sandals, USB sticks, sunglasses, golf accessories, umbrellas, drink bottles, tablet holders, confectionery, balloons and t-shirts. 
    It was a successful project, one Signature Promotions are particularly proud of.

    Signature Promotions and IGC Global Promotions N.V.

    Signature Promotions has been an IGC member since 2000. 
    Managing director Bruce Judge on Signature Promotions' membership to IGC:

    ''Signature Promotions became a member of IGC to allow us to connect with other leading promotional product companies all over the world. It enables us to explore, share and obtain experiences and information on a global level. The IGC group supports one another through shared information on factories and suppliers which enables us to keep abreast of the latest innovative products and changing global product trends. As well as through information collection, we can plan strategic acquisition and bulk buying which benefits us and gives us an enormous advantage. It means we pass the most competitive prices onto our customers''