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    We offer you a number of purchasing solutions

    Your worldwide purchase volume should enable your company to obtain good prices for your promotional products. But your local volume is often too small for such a price strategy. And bundling your purchases is difficult if you cooperate with other suppliers in each country, and if your local offices are unaware of each other’s orders.

    We are able to offer you a number of purchasing solutions, simply because one size does not fit all. Over the years we have identified the needs of numerous internationally operating companies as many are looking to obtain Total Cost of Ownership when it comes to purchasing promotional products. By choosing a global purchasing strategy, you are able to enhance your sourcing power. But how can a cooperation with IGC reduce your costs? 

    Lower transaction costs:
    Your local offices can order products and pay invoices in their own currency (at fixed rates)

    Lower inventory costs:
    IGC's IT system can automatically update your inventory

    Lower loss from obsolescence:
    Your local offices can order products when they need them; they have no large stocks, so products cannot become obsolete or old-fashioned

    Lower Global Freight Costs, because regional orders are bundled

    Higher purchase volume:
    Purchases by regional offices are consolidated worldwide through the IGC online ordering platform, which increases buying volume and lowers the price (every office can actually see what other offices are ordering and join the purchase)

    Other cost saving opportunities:

    Key suppliers may allow pre-booking for up to one year – with minimum purchase guaranteed in exchange for preferential pricing.

    Job solicitation:
    Combined volume orders via internal solicitation for similar products. Key buyers may participate to receive lower negotiated pricing.

    Direct import:
    Based on order size and lead-time availability, direct importing can achieve significant saving. Leverage global sources.

    Project planning:
    Promotional opportunity planning – anticipate future needs with advance development of concepts and ideas.

    Combining orders across IGC client-base with respect to materials procurement, production grouping, transport consolidation.