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    Our products are your ticket to captivate the customer

    Recent surveys found that 76% of people could recall a company’s name after seeing it on a promotional product. Promotional products are proven to increase brand awareness and can enhance your company’s image and help your company stand out within your marketplace.

    Whatever market you serve, our product will engage your customer and strengthen his or her relation with your company. In professional markets your gifts add to your efforts in nurturing relationships; in consumer markets gifts are appreciated and build brands.

     We take care of your brand ...

    Our designers are available to create new products or collections which enable you to differentiate from your competitors and strengthen your corporate image. Those unique tailor-made products can be the result of a global order by your HQ, but also of a local need (e.g. for a local anniversary or product launch). The new products are in line with your corporate guidelines and consistent with your standard catalog.

     ... and your marketing

    In addition IGC can help you to influence the purchase strategies of your local offices through customized marketing programs on our IT system. We can promote certain promotional items by means of discounts (e.g. for seasonal gifts), or we focus the attention on a new product in your catalog with an email blast or launch page on your web shop. Other possibilities: teaser campaign, contests, webcast...