Extensive supplier base
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  • Extensive supplier base

    Optimizing every step in the supply chain for your benefit


    Already since our early start we know the importance of our supply chain and we understand its complexity in some geographical areas.

    We work with controlled factories, take care of social and environmental responsibility, and apply our detailed knowledge of local law and regulations in every step.

    It is our profession to organize these in such a way that we can gain efficiencies and minimize risks. We optimize every step in the chain, combining our longtime experience with sourcing from the right partners. This creates value and transparency. In addition, together with our customers we harmonize the processes on customers’ side and implement the best practices.

    By minimizing risks we include the negative impact on a company’s reputation from products that do not meet the quality expectations or even are unsafe, harmful to the environment, or are manufactured by children. We have processes in place to monitor compliance with our code of conduct on social and environmental responsibility as well as compliance with all laws and regulations. This matters to you and to us.

    On gaining efficiencies, we can be short. We source many standard items and specials. And if we say many, we can be sure that with our global coverage we mean truly high quantities.

    Our advantages in buying will be your benefit. All our IGC members have their own knowledge base of resources. By bringing this knowledge together, we have a powerful tool to select the best suppliers in the world for every promotional item in price, but also the availability of items that in small quantities might not be possible to source. And it goes without saying that our IT systems are well designed to manage all the processes in an organized way. Real life. We make it happen.