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    Promotional products company ConEra has been an IGC member since 2006 and was established in 1983 in Gothenburg, a city on the west coast of Sweden. In 1999 they opened a second location in Sweden’s capital Stockholm, followed by a third location in Karlstad. In 2004 they opened their own purchasing office in Hong Kong to enhance their global sourcing strategy. ConEra embraces Corporate Social Responsibility and are proud owners of the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications, focused on environment and quality management. They have been a triple A rated company since 2011.

    ConEra’s team of 17 promo experts is led by CEO Henrik Zetterström. 80% of this team has been working in the industry for over 10 years. Their specialisation is to translate their clients’ core values to physical products, using the product as the medium – they call it product media. The brand name ConEra is Latin for ‘’with the times’’, which tells us they stay ahead of their competition when it comes to innovation and are aware of the latest trends and fashion. 

    Their philosophy is that a branded promotional product is a tangible and vital part of a unified communications strategy. They know the risks: get it right and you have an unbeatable reminder of your brand’s excellence, get it wrong and your product ends up in the waste basket.

    CEO Henrik Zetterström on what makes ConEra stand out:

    ‘’Look at the birds in the sky - they all look the same from here. If you look closer, a few will try to convince you that they are faster than the others, more beautiful, can make nicer turns & better loops…all in the hopes they stand out from the rest. Suddenly one bird flies down, stands beside you and offers to take you under his wing - he will help you to fly. What I am trying to say is, that we all have our unique selling points and specific strengths – but – if we truly listen to our client’s needs, ask them what they want to achieve…our unique selling point is that we listen to our clients and help them to fly.’’

    Success story

    ‘’We spend a year and a half designing a specific range of jackets for newspaper carriers. Some ride a bike, some go by foot, some drive cars…they work in all types of weather: winter, summer…in the dark…on the countryside or in busy cities. Their workwear needs to have a lot of specific details such as strong, safety pockets that can carry many, heavy keys, 2 mobile phone pockets etc. Finally after a lot of negotiations this client placed the order, which was GREAT. The best part of the story is that after 6 years I still see those newspaper carriers wearing the same jackets, 5AM in the morning out in the cold and the jackets look as new… I would like to think the jackets are that good that they never had to replace them with new ones.’’

    ConEra and IGC Global Promotions

    ‘’We became an IGC member to be able to share know-how about promotional products and suppliers with like-minded people from all over the world. We can find rare items we are unable to find on our own and get the best price. It makes us proud to be the only company in the Swedish market that is a member of IGC. It is also a unique position to communicate to our clients. Whenever we present our company, we are able to address our membership and the benefits, like our collective commitment to CSR.

    I feel privileged to be part of this group. Our supervisory board do a tremendous job representing all IGC members. CEO Hans Poulis and his staff at HQ in Rotterdam are running the company very professionally. All my colleagues from around the world inspire me with their knowledge, success-stories and marketing cases. I hope one day I will get to be as wise as Junji Hiromori (Japan), as creative as Dirk van Lysebeth (Belgium) and find the lowest prices like Bruce Judge (New Zealand).’’